We Need Your Help!

Did you know that desserts are only the beginning??

The Sawyer family has been blessed with Rashida’s meals for decades. The same tastes that make her desserts so awesome are also found in her southern and soulful cooking!

We want you to experience these flavors too! But we need your help!

As a small family-owned, minority owned, and woman owned business, we don’t have access to tons of money! Yet with your support, we can purchase the equipment, and hire the employees we need to expand our little shop!

Here’s how you can help! When you order, click “contribute to the RSB Capital Campaign” when ordering.

Or you can go to our RSB Capital Campaign page and choose one of the options for contributions!

We are hoping to raise $30,000 for new ovens, mixers, refrigerators, equipment, and staff!

Thank you for your continued support! Soon, we will not only be making “The Best Tasting Cakes This Side of Cayuga Lake”, but we will also be making “The Best Tasting Food This Side of Cayuga Lake”!

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