We’re Back

We’re back, but things are different.

Understandably, many people are concerned about ordering prepared foods while we are battling the COVID-19 outbreak. Our team at Rashida Sawyer Bakery has been concerned as well, and we made the decision to shut down for several weeks.

During that time, we took a look at how we went about business and made plans to ensure the safety of our team, and ultimately our customers upon re-opening. We believe the time to reopen has come.

The Rashida Sawyer Bakery has been a ‘virtual’ bakery since inception. As such, we are prepared to deliver all orders to your door in a safe way and contactless if desired.

Out pickup location at 808 South Meadow Street in Ithaca is clean and safe. Upon pickup, we can easily place your cake order in your vehicle’s trunk without contact.

Additionally, our team uses masks and gloves in all food preparation. At no time will we directly handle your cake order with bare hands.

We are a small local business and your support is deeply appreciated. We know that many people are seeking out comfort foods. And of course, there are still celebrations and events taking place, even if at home.

We enjoy making cakes, and we want to spread that joy to you as we all deal with this situation!

So, eat cake, stay safe, and thanks for your support!!


KC Sawyer
Rashida Sawyer Bakery