Q: How do I order from the Rashida Sawyer™ Bakery?

A: Welcome to the Rashida Sawyer™ Bakery Online Store!

We currently deliver cakes to all of Ithaca and Tompkins County, New York. Because we are a startup family bakery, we do require a one-week turnaround for cake orders.

Cakes ordered before Wednesday at 6pm will be delivered on the following Thursday through Saturday.

Cakes ordered after 6pm Wednesday will be delivered the following week between Thursday through Saturday.

If you enjoy our cakes (and I guarantee that you will), please drop a kind work on our Facebook and Instagram pages!

Happy Ordering!!!

Q: But I don’t want to wait a week! Can I get a slice of your awesome cake now?

A: Sure! We have slices available every Thursday through Saturday from 6pm – 10pm through our delivery partners!

Ithaca to Go

Q: Does Rashida Sawyer do custom cakes?

A: The simplest answer is, “it depends.” Our main goal is to make cakes that taste good. So that’s where our effort goes. That said, and as you can tell by the pictures on this site, we do put a good deal of effort into aesthetics. So, can we make you a cake that looks like a fire truck? No. Can we work with you to make a well dressed cake? We think we can work something out!

Q: Does Rashida Sawyer do custom wedding cakes?

A: You mean like the ones you see on TV? The ones with tiers, and fancy frosting, and the topper?

No. we do not do custom wedding cakes, nor do we provide wedding catering. We’re all about taste!

With that in mind, many people have purchased cakes from Rashida over the years to use for weddings, and we think our cakes are perfect for your special occasion! So please, go ahead and order one of our cakes for your wedding! You won’t be disappointed!