Q: I’ve never heard of the Rashida Sawyer Bakery. Are you guys new?

A: Yes… and no. Our namesake, Loraine Rashida Sawyer, has been a baker for decades. She ran a bakery called “Rashida’s Deluxe Baked Goods” from her home in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. She was a fixture at the Ithaca Farmer’s Market and made cakes for local restaurants and caterers.

In 2019, her son decided to relaunch the family business. While Rashida continues to be our lead baker, our team consists of 3 related families who share her passion for great taste and quality!

Q: Where are you located?

A: 808 South Meadow Street in Ithaca!

That gray building behind Kwik Fill? That’s us!

Q: What are you guys known for?

A: hmmm…. Let’s see…. The Best Tasting Cakes This Side of Cayuga Lake?

Our Cheesecake is the flagship and our most known cake. But our Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting is a legend too!

Then there’s the Fruit Tart… the Pound Cake… um…

We’re just known for being good. ?

Q: How can I get a cake?

A: www.rashidasawyer.com/shop

Or call us at 607-233-4061!

Q: When can I get my cake?

A: Most cakes require a one-day turn around. However, feel free to call us at 607-233-4061 to see if we have your desired cake in stock!

Any cakes requiring heavy design work require 3 days minimum turnaround.

Q: Can I walk-in to order or pick up cakes/slices?

A: Yes, you may! If you’ve placed an order on www.rashidasawyer.com, then you can pick up your cake at the scheduled pickup time.

If you’re looking to pick up slices for a quick dessert, we’re open Tuesday through Friday, 11am – 4pm for lunch, and 5pm – 10pm for dinner.

Q: Do you deliver?

A: Yes! Choose the delivery option from www.rashidasawyer.com and enter your address to verify that you are in our delivery radius. We deliver anywhere within Tompkins County, New York!

A $4.00 delivery charge will be applied for delivery orders.

Q: Do you guys offer slices?

A: Of course, we do! Click here for Next day delivery (in which the prices are cheaper!) Or Click here to order same-day now!

You can also check out Ithaca-to-Go, Grubhub, or Doordash. We deliver Tuesday through Saturday from 11am-10pm!

Q: Does the Rashida Sawyer Bakery write on cakes?

A: We do for now. However, this will change soon as we’re going to launch a new alternative that will be AWESOME!

Stay tuned!

Heads up, we’re a small bakery and have only one cake designer at present. Allow for a 3 day turnaround on certain designed cakes.

Q: Do you offer gluten free, vegan, or dairy free options?

A: Yes!**

Try our Blackout Bars! They are Gluten and Dairy-free.

**Not Vegan. We’ll have a vegan option soon enough!

Q: Do you have Gift Cards?

A: Um, yeah.

Our cakes make excellent gifts! So ordering a gift card from www.rashidasawyer.com/shop will make you a very popular person!

Q: Do you ship cakes around the country?

A: No.

But not for long! Keep coming back to this website or check our Facebook and Instagram pages for any updates on this!

Q: I noticed that your location is also Oasis Christian Fellowship. Is the Rashida Sawyer Bakery affiliated with the church?

A: No.

The Rashida Sawyer Bakery is a COMPLETELY SEPARATE ENTITY from Oasis Christian Fellowship. The Bakery simply rents from the church and uses the facility. Prior to using our current location, we rented from the Varna Community Association on Route 366.

Our goal is to eventually open our own storefront (Can someone say ITHACA COMMONS! We like to dream over here.)

As a small business, we are thankful that the church allows us to use the space so that we can keep our costs low.

Q: Does the church still exist?

A: Yep!

They still meet on Sundays. The Bakery occupies the building on other days.

Q: Do you sell cakes wholesale?

A: We certainly can!

Call 607-233-4061 and ask for KC to get details!

Q: Do you do events catering like weddings?

A: We certainly can! (That seems like a redundant answer ?)

Call 607-233-4061 and ask for KC to get details… Boy! That’s a REALLY redundant answer!

Q: Why are your prices high? Why don’t you take cash? Why don’t you….

A: Have you ever heard of a “Startup” business before? What about a “mom & pop” shop?

We use high quality ingredients for our recipes, but since we’re not a Fortune 500 business (*yet), we can’t negotiate fancy contracts for those ingredients that would allow us to charge lower prices.

That said, you can always visit your local gas station to get a cheap dessert! 🙂