Cancellation, Deposit, and Refund Policies

Cancellation Policy

For non-custom cakes and desserts, you can cancel your order up to 48 hours before the due date. Please CALL 607-233-4061 to cancel your order.

For custom cakes, the deposit charge is non-refundable, but the order can still be cancelled up to ONE WEEK before due date.

Custom cakes/desserts are any cakes/desserts that are requested outside our menu at RashidaSawyer.Com. This includes orders requesting: less sugar, special designs, custom flavor combinations, etc.

Refund Policy

We will refund any item element that was prepared incorrectly.

For example, if a note is missing or incorrect, we will refund the note. If a cake topper is missing, we will refund the cake topper.

We will only offer whole order refunds for orders that are completely wrong (ie: receiving a Traditional Cheesecake when a Gingersnap Apple Cheesecake was ordered). We will not refund entire orders missing a single element (flag, message note, etc).

Delivery refunds will only be granted for incorrect address delivery. We will not refund the delivery charge for: customers not being present at the delivery address, orders that had to be brought back to the bakery due to customers not being present at the delivery address, misplaced orders due to a customer designated 3rd party receiving order and not giving to intended recipient.

Surprise Deliveries

Please note that Surprise Deliveries are strongly discouraged. Most Surprise Deliveries end with the intended recipient not being able to receive the cake.

Please alert your recipient to the arrival of the cake at the due date and time.

Custom Cake Deposit Fee

All Custom Cake Requests are subject to a non-refundable 25% Deposit Fee.