Enjoyables by Jen Phelps **Fridays and Saturdays**


Welcome to Enjoyables by Jen Phelps: A Cake Design Collection at The Rashida Sawyer Bakery.

Jennifer Phelps, niece to Loraine Rashida Sawyer, has been designing and crafting cake designs for over 20 years. Her attention to detail, and her passion for depicting natural beauty through cake designs has generated praise.

The beautiful cakes in the Enjoyables by Jen Phelps Collection contain all the great taste expected from the Rashida Sawyer Bakery while also showcasing beautifully artistic, and hand-crafted designs. These cakes are perfect for any occasion and are made to be the centerpiece of your gathering or celebration.

Whether for weddings, anniversaries, special events, birthday celebrations, an elegant cake from the Enjoyables Collection is bound to turn heads.

Choose from any of the elegant designs below.

**Allow 5 days for turn around!

For even more customized cakes, including wedding cakes, please call 607-233-4061, or email jphelps@rashidasawyer.com

*Buttercream Frosting contains trace amount of Almond Extract.

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