Wedding and Design Policy

We only offer cake flavors and frostings that are listed throughout this site. Our flavors and frostings are:

    • White (Vanilla)
    • Red Velvet
    • Chocolate

Our Frostings are:

    • Buttercream
    • Perfect Chocolate
    • Cream Cheese (Not recommended for decorations)
    • Fudgy Cream Cheese (Not recommended for decorations)

** We do not color our cake layers, only frosting! However, we can provide additional color through candies, sprinkles, macaroons, and more!

** Although we offer sheet cakes, our sheet cake decorations are limited to basic piping. We can adjust piping colors and create custom cake toppers.


** While we typically decline “character cakes” (sorry, no Superman cakes), we do take on projects if they are reasonably within our decorating skill set.

** We do not offer scripting on cakes. However, we can create customized cake toppers that will add a beautiful touch to your cake!

**We are a family-friendly bakery, and we love to design fun and elegant cakes within our skill set and aesthetic taste!

As such, we will decline any decoration or design request that contain sexual content, profanity, alcohol, drugs, general vulgarity, and/or other inappropriate content.

Additionally, while we will gladly create cakes for any occasion, we will decline requests for decorations or cake toppers related to political or social causes.

This does not apply to custom card messages you would like us to print for your recipient.